Things I’d like to buy online | Online Shopping Do’s and Dont’s

For the past weeks, I’ve been scouting for the perfect item to buy online. In my household, the youngest one in the family, only 15, has purchased more items online than the rest of us all combined. I, myself, am familiar with online shopping but I only buy stuff online during the holiday breaks, or when I earn a little extra cash from the out  of school ‘rakets‘ I usually get into.

Because I am currently enrolled in a course wherein we get to experience the fun in online shopping, I kind of want to use this opportunity to buy some things that are usually more expensive in malls and other stores. Listed down are my top 3 picks for the stuff I’d like to purchase online


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In my previous post, I was raving about the Fujifilm Instax Camera and the film, and up to this day, I’m still into the film, and the camera. What’s good is that, I like how cheap the films are online than in stores.





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Currently, I am the Health and Lifestyle Editor of The Spectrum. Since I am promoting health and wellness, why not observe health and wellness? Looking through farmer’s markets and organic shops. Chia and Flax seeds tend to be really expensive but I found out that a store on sells them for a cheaper price.






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An old hobby of mine is Handlettering or Calligraphy. I used to play around with actual watercolors but now I feel like experimenting with watercolor concentrates.  It’s more pigmented, and a little goes a long way.



  • DO use social media to get better deals. Usually, the internet is filled with coupons and exclusive deals. Might as well take the advantage of spending money but saving at the same time.
  • DO check the shipping costs before you checkout your cart. Some retailers will set prices really low and then charge big on shipping and handling fees.
  • DO check the sites you are visiting. Make sure if you are not on a shady and bogus site. Be sure to read reviews about the retailer and his or her shop.
  • Pay attention to return policies. These policies can vary widely from one company to another, and you do not want to buy something that you cannot return if it doesn’t fit or function.
  • DON’T assume the prices are the same (or better) online. Sometimes brick-and-mortar stores have better price deals rather than online.
  • DON’T give more information than the required one. Never give out explicit account numbers like your SSS account number or bank details.



Statement t-shirts became a trend in the late 2000s and now they are back and slowly penetrating the local scene today.

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Martini Falco, wearing Probinsyano is definitely one of a kind Instagram-based online shop. Started by USLS BS I.T. Junior, Martini Falco, which he said sprouted from a spur-of-the-moment idea.

“ started last year, in 2016 and Ocicat is actually my favorite breed [of cats] and it’s also my Tumblr username  which I started in 2013,” he said.

What differs’s products is that it’s unique and expresses statements that are timely to today’s societal issues. The ‘Love Knows No Boundaries’ collection for instance, gives the statement that love is for everyone and it does not matter if we love the same gender or not. Meanwhile, the ‘Probinsyana/Probinsyano’ collection, which is the latest one, embraces the idea of your hometown. The shirt gives the impression that we should be proud that we are from the province.



With his business reaching different areas in the country and even abroad, Martini’s future plans include expanding more designs and possibly venture out to a variety of products as well.



REVIEW:’s prices start at PhP 300.00 and it’s definitely worth the price. Personally, I own two shirts (Love Knows No Boundaries in Black and Probinsyana in White.) The quality of the shirts are nice, it doesn’t use cheap shirts at all. The printing quality is very commendable. It’s not your usual silkscreen printing because the prints are very bold and big. The material doesn’t peel off as well.

However, the t-shirt is a little too thick for the tropical weather but a couple of trips to the laundry, and the shirt isn’t too hot to wear anymore. But nonetheless, I give is 5/5.



For inquiries or orders, feel free to look up’s Instagram or Facebook pages.